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Its proud owner Rasim told me: “Of course we are proud of the reputation that Cream’s built over the last few years.

The gay community can come here and have a fabulous time in our bespoke three level bar/club.

If our gays and lesbians can come together and show respect and dignity, there is hope yet for the heterosexuals.

Indeed I knew many men who, on the face of it, were brimming with testosterone in terms of [trying to] attract partners of the opposite sex and yet once some alcohol had been consumed they would disappear with the known and ‘out’ gay in the village for some casual sex. Forced or ‘aggressively arranged’ marriages became the norm for Turkish Cypriot homosexuals who capitulated to family pressure and married a heterosexual due to wider social intolerance.Cream has a great reputation in the Cypriot LGBT community and it would be wonderful to see Part of my research has also uncovered a very healthy ‘cruising’ culture enjoyed by Cypriot gays.In Dereboyu Park, Lefkosa, there will regularly be gay men looking to meet a another man and if you enter the Greek Cypriot south of the island via the Ledra Crossing, the municipality park in Nicosia is, I am advised, even more well known for ‘cruising’. I am pleased to see this is being celebrated as a bi-communal event and the Turkish Cypriot LGBT community has been invited to help organise this historic day.Many have travelled to UK and US but to come back to Nigeria to see their friends doing very well more than they are,so what will they do,if i may ask Life is not too rosy abroad as many seems.i hope you are clear and others that may want to ask me same [email protected],pls kindly check my earlier posts and replies, so that you wont be asking me the same answered questions.

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