Gpupdate not updating computer policy

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The cause for this problem could be that Group Policy Objects (GPOs) are processed asynchronously, by default.This means that processing occurs while Windows is still working on presenting the logon screen.I am disabling the password complexity the server is a TS and all clients are thin clients, this should still apply should it?I didnt have to update each individual client before with other policys.Not modifing either, I dont think, within group policy management console, I created User GPO and added the user group, ie accountants, charity workers and others within this.

When you select an OU to remotely refresh the Group Policy settings on all the computers in that OU, the following operations happen: This document describes a method to force a remote Group Policy refresh to all computers in an OU and all OUs that are contained within the selected OU by using the GPMC.In Windows Server 2012, Group Policy added a Starter GPO called, Group Policy Remote Update Firewall Ports.This Starter GPO includes policy settings to configure the firewall rules that are specified in the previous table. From this forum I found Group Policy Mangement and have been using it since, applying the odd policy, but without having changed any setting the latest policies I have created are not taking an effect.ive use gpudate and gpudate /force and restarted the server but there arent taking effect, could some point me in the right direction as to what might be causing this?

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