Girls insecurities dating

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They like to feel needed, so they steer away from the girls who are fine with or without them.

The one who isn't afraid to go out there and get everything she wants.

She has her eyes set on a personal goal, and she won't let you or anyone get in the way of that.

Girls believe that they should change for a guy to get them to like them, but this kind of girl won't do that.

You have such trouble breaking down her walls, trying to understand what's going on in that head of hers. If you stick with it, you'll gain her trust and you'll see those walls slowly break down.

She doesn't need to see you everyday to know you love her, but being this independent makes guys insecure.You're not dumb, and she's not the smartest person in the world but she works hard.Guys like to win arguments whether they like to admit it or not, but when a girl has the upper hand, they don't like that.This hurts their pride, however girls don't care what your job is unless you have one.It's your personality and they way you treat them that matters–and you should love her for her brains, not use it against her. Be proud that you found someone who you can share similar interests with.

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