Frumster dating

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Since then a few more sites have popped up like Frumster which concentrates more on Orthodox Jews and Saw You At Sinai which combines modern technologies with traditional matchmaking.Regardless of which site one choses, all dating sites involve somewhat impersonal forms of communication; all dating sites require a profile of some sort and with the exception of SYAS, an initial e-mail or response.However in the past few years serving as a Rabbi I’ve also gained a much better perspective.

Since then I’ve had the opportunity to read through all the articles on the site, and it appears I was inappropriately glib.

Consider it unintentional participant observation if you will.

And with this dual perspective I have come to the following conclusion: the so-called “shidduch crisis” is a collection of myths which only exacerbate the social pressures and anxieties at the core of the Jewish single’s community, specifically the denial of individuation.

(Fiddler-on-the-roof style.)Sheitel - A wig many married women wear to cover their hair. Shidduch - What a Shadchan aims to set up, kind of like a blind date. Shul - Synagogue - Where Jews go to get their praying on. Yichud Room - The room a newly (we’re talking 5 minutes after the glass is smashed under the Chuppah) married couple hangs out in for a short while, ostensibly to eat, before going out and greeting their guests (and dancing like lunatics) at their wedding reception.

People like to have these on Shabbat afternoons (aka prime naptime) for some strange reason. Yeshiva - Kind of like high school for Torah study.

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