Frugal dating

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You are not depriving yourself or your family of nourishment by choosing them.

37 You can re-use coffee grounds by baking them for half an hour or so in a moderate oven while something else is baking. 42 Citrus fruit pips usually germinate into lovely plants.

10 Don't assume that just because it's a 'household hint' it is a money saving one.

Rubbing anything with a cut lemon to clean it is expensive. 20 Baby lotion is a good make-up remover, baby cream and baby oil and is quite suitable for grown-up faces. Keep one in the kitchen for breaking off a leaf and squeezing the juice onto burns or insect bites.

We don't know why, but since it costs nothing it's worth doing.

9 Refrigerate candles for a few hours before using and they will burn more slowly, drip less, and give you better value for money.

And now there is a guide to lead us towards a more prudent new dawn.

49 For fast dusting, or brass polishing, slip an old pair of socks over your hands. If you make a rule that you will cook only with the most frugal ingredients available, you may find yourself burnt out and uninspired about eating what you cook (that would be how I feel about most casseroles!), and you may be more temped to give in to the takeout monster.But the main thing is to just get food on the table at dinner. I don’t post explicitly frugal main dish recipes, but I’m pretty positive that every recipe I’ve ever posted, regardless of the ingredients it calls for, will save you money if you make it instead of takeout. Also, I’m not into cooking up expensive steaks all the time.If you’re at all into watches (and you should be), then it’s very likely that you have a grail watch in mind.

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