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When a guy dishes you a really lame pick-up line in the club that makes you want to throw your wine all over him, at least he’s trying something.

If he’s only texting you “hey” as a way of introducing himself, then you’re the one who has to make the effort.

Sure, some people spend time carefully arranging the modern hieroglyphics to carefully meter out each image and communicate complex ideas.

You don’t have to message him back after something like that.6.

VSCO Cam comes with several free filters and also offers filter packs for purchase in its shop.

If you'd like to have some fun send me a message.

Enjoy younger men who are intelligent and fun...among other things.

Subsequent research of these structural proteins led to the classification of mammalian keratins into two distinct groups based on their structure, function and regulation.

Like many naturally-derived biomolecules, keratins have intrinsic biological activity and biocompatibility.

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