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Not only did the servo motor and platform have to be ‘interiorized’ (naizosuru), but the body [of the fembot] needed to be slender, both extremely difficult undertakings.The first was produced by Sex Objects Ltd, a British company, for use as a "sex aid".It was called simply "36C", from her chest measurement, and had a 16-bit microprocessor and voice synthesiser that allowed primitive responses to speech and push button inputs.In 1983, a busty female robot named "Sweetheart" was removed from a display at the Lawrence Hall of Science after a petition was presented claiming it was insulting to women.The robot's creator, Clayton Bailey, a professor of art at California State University, Hayward called this "censorship" and "next to book burning." Artificial women have been a common trope in fiction and mythology since the writings of the ancient Greeks.

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