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He eased himself through the door balancing the cardboard platter in one hand. Something that he very seldom saw and therefore didn't readily recognise. She walked around the box until she was standing close to him. There were no central heating noises to obscure any sounds. She suddenly realised that there was absolutely no dilemma at all and she extended her arms drew the woman hard against her and slipped her tongue into her ear. The dark haired woman sighed and relaxed back onto the bed and the blonde woman, pleased to have the upper hand for once, rolled on top of her. Tried to roll on top of the dark haired woman, but she resisted and pushed her back against the thickly carpeted floor. She looked down at her clothes and then back at Ally. An English, middle class, hippy who went to India and got carried away with it all! Throwing it as wide open as he could, he turned back to face the room and Bandy and spreading his legs slightly and enunciating slowly and clearly, he seemed to fix his eyes on a point somewhere in the middle of the room. The little green men hovering above us in a flying saucer? " She looked again at the small, shiny circular object set into the side of the jet black box, then at the man standing beside her and then at the box again. She peered into the tiny circular hole and saw that it was covered in glass and then she turned and looked back at Bill. Her lips were soft, moist and inviting and he couldn't help but think of other parts of her that were just as soft, just as moist and just as inviting. "Look this is all very well" She ran a hand through her hair to try to smooth it out, "But shouldn't we do this examination while my blood pressure's still fairly low? They had been kissing, amongst other things, for nearly half an hour and she knew that Allison was quite right.He set the coffee and croissants down carefully on the top of the box and looked at her as calmly as he could. The dark haired woman was now on top of her, something she seemed to relish, and then Ally felt gentle fingers sliding up her own thigh and soft breath against her cheek and then, with no warning, a sharp intake of breath. She noticed her short black leather skirt and her leather jerkin worn over a white, puff sleeved blouse, open low enough to show some cleavage and traces of the black strapless bra that she wore underneath. Sensing that Bandy was in no immediate danger, Sheila moved round to join her partner. The leather jerkin was already being placed carefully on the back of the nearest chair. " Said Doctor Chaudhari, folding her arms in front of her, "but maybe another time. Parting her legs slightly, she stood in front of the doctor, unbuttoned and unzipped her short, black leather skirt and let it fall to the floor, to land in a small heap at her ankles. Vicki looked her up and down She was wearing long black stockings, stockings that complimented her long legs and plump, swelling calves and thighs perfectly. * Her eyes opened wide with astonishment when he returned to the room. " He put the electric saw down on the leather sofa and took her hand. I'm just going to cut through the lid at the four corners which ought to release it enough to let us get the screwdriver underneath it fully and get some proper leverage on it..." He looked down at his hand, which was beginning to throb painfully, "... Sheila was edging closer and closer as if hypnotised and drawn toward the box by some kind of spell and the second lid was beginning to open, both halves raising themselves upwards like Tower Bridge and more and more smoke was pumping out and into the small lounge. So thick that they could no longer see the walls of the room. Meanwhile her hands were stroking gently at her captive's body. The captive pulled a number of faces, smiling, frowning and generally grimacing until she had worked the stiffness out of her jaw, but she was still tied up, still blindfolded and still naked. Her arms, pinioned as they were to her sides, were trying to move and her fingers, held uselessly inert by the mittens and the straps, seemed to be trying to flex. A low keening noise that seemed to be coming from Bandy herself and then, all of a sudden and for no apparent reason, as both Bill and Sheila looked on powerless to intervene, her whole body began to shake violently. The writer asserts the right to be recognised as the author of this piece. "Well," he said slowly, "You could try Bandy's helmet for starters." Sheila came slowly upright. "Well the smoked stopped fairly quickly, didn't it? He didn't see her grasp both hands together and place them tightly against her cheek. The only other sound was that of the word "bollocks" being said quietly and through clenched teeth from somewhere in the hall. " It had been his Father's and he had never used it before - but there was a time and a place for everything. " "The idea is to get her out of there - not cut her bloody head off! For a few seconds neither of them moved and then he saw it. Smoke was beginning to rise from the body of the box, but it quickly became apparent that it wasn't the smoke produced by burning material because it smelt sweet and cloying and it was rapidly filling the room. She trailed her tongue up onto her chin across her soft peach like cheek, then delved it into her ear and then breathed gently into it for a few moments. " Soft eager fingers reached behind the woman's head to unbuckle the gag and lay it, sodden and dripping with saliva, gently on to the bed. Her muscles tensed and it looked as if she were trying to thrust her head forward. " He looked around the room, at the box and at Bandy who was currently standing darkly, silent and motionless once more, inside it, her hands loosely by her sides like an automaton whose current had been switched off. And yet the more he looked at her, the more he felt that he was being watched, even though he was convinced that she was currently sightless.We've still got three hundredweight of vet wrap in the cupboard, thanks to you! She also had a young face, high cheekbones and lustrous skin. " Although the rubber doll stood a good six inches taller than her, by standing on tip toe Sheila was able to get an arm around her shoulders and do her best to comfort her, even though she stood, once more, immobile and emotionless in front of them. " she asked, turning to Bill once more," We might be able to stop the vibrators then." He looked over at the couch, to the abandoned circular saw that was lying there and shrugged his shoulders to no one in particular, and then he began to move forward. He had retrieved the saw and was just reaching Bandy's box when a there was a faint humming sound. Black shiny ankle boots, black stockings, black suspender belt and a black thong were the only items of clothing that Allison Pearson still wore and it did not seem to concern her in the slightest. On the one hand she was in a strange place, with a woman she didn't know being seduced into God knows what and on the other…. " She looked at him reflectively, "S'posed to be good for the skin y'know, maybe you should try some – look what it's done for Michael Jackson! "Did you sound like this when you were in hospital? "Oh Bill for fuck's sake do something, it's like sharing a room with Darth bloody Vader! Only this time it was a much longer and much more passionate kiss than the last. Don't wear much in the summer though." Ally tried to rise. " Asked the dark haired woman, shifting position so that Ally could see up her dress. "Bet you've never been under the doctor like this before." She said, rucking up Ally's short leather skirt as high as it would go. "Sorry, I thought you'd guessed - I'm Doctor Chaudhari! The doctor put her head to one side and grinned girlishly. " His total disregard for her bordering on the suicidal, he walked past Sheila as if she wasn't there, through billowing red smoke to the couch, where he once more dropped the saw and then on towards the large picture window that looked out on to the small cobbled street and the canal below. The people on the other end of the spy cam that's watching us from about halfway down that box! But pugnacious was not the word to describe her right now. Easing against him until they were crutch to crotch and then beginning to gyrate and writhe. An insistent rubbing that she knew could only create one ultimate reaction in him. * The doctor patient/ relationship was taking on a new meaning in Doctor Chaudhari's surgery and it was Allison, once again, who broke away, breathlessly. If she had hoped to see Ally blush, she was disappointed.

The torso was slim and shapely and recognisably feminine. Perhaps lying was not the most accurate description of her current position.

Sheila was in attack mode, but attack breeds defence. Or rather, it holds the inflatable hood that was covering her face." "You're so clever!

She took a piece of cotton wool and dabbed delicately at the small puncture and then she moved a little closer and a little closer still and then she lowered her head and bit, very gently, into Ally's neck. " He felt like a small child who had just smashed something precious. I touched her head and…." Her hands were on her hips now and her legs were slightly apart.

Thick leather bands round her wrists and shapely ankles were attached to chains which were in turn fastened to more leather that held the chains tightly in place in discrete and specially designed niches set into the highly polished walnut and vaguely Art Deco head and footboards, holding her immobile.

Naked and spread-eagled, with just a tiny patch of trimmed pubic hair to cover any modesty that she might have left.

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