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Another key difference between Submissives and betas is that Submissives truly being submissive, while most betas (particularly the “whiny beta” I described in the last post) are submissive to their partners while simultaneously hating it. The occasional disagreements that arise in any relationship, 2.Submissives never hate it when they’re submissive to their male partners. Overly brutal, domineering, and/or disrespectful behavior on the part of the man.They are usually low-drama because frankly, they don’t have time for it. They often have high sex drives too, which is great for Alphas, but bad for betas (when she wants to have sex and he’s “too tired”) and bad for Needy Alphas (when she wants to flirt or get sexual with other men). Fuck buddy is okay…Dominants make fantastic FBs if you know how to stand up to their bullshit while still making it clear you accept them for what they are.Independents are not perfect; they can and do get dramatic at times just like all women. Some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had has been with my Dominant FBs…but if I were to actually get into a romantic serious relationship with one of these women I’m pretty sure I’d kill myself. Alphas happily have relationships with all three types of women (Independents and Submissives as OLTRs, MLTRs, or WDs, Dominants as FBs).These have similar parallels to the three male types, but not exactly, as you’ll see.

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Submissive Women – Submissives are the very female equivalent of a beta…but not really. They are most comfortable with a strong man who is the boss at least most of the time. Some Submissives are very strong, for example they can be bosses or managers at work.As you might have guessed, Independents are the loose equivalent of an Alpha.Independent women are the rare women in society who are largely outcome independent need to boss a guy around. They tend to be very busy, all over the place, non-stop, go-go-go gals. So when you hear a woman brag about how she’s a “strong independent woman”, she’s just announced to you she’s a Dominant, an Independent. Unless you’re a beta male who likes to be told what to do, a long-term relationship with this gal is going to be damn near impossible.It’s also hard for independents to stay with one man for very long, or at least stay monogamous. The point is, don’t expect a relationship with a Dominant if you’re a more Alpha guy, unless you like drama. ) Obviously as you read above you’ll see links between the man types and the woman types. If a beta ends up with a Submissive, the Submissive will take control and then start growing resentment. Nuclear explosions occur when Needy Alphas hook up with Dominants.Having children also tends to slow them down, and perhaps they even secretly resent being mothers just a little bit. This does happen and it’s funny to watch all the predictable meltdowns and explosions. Independents will get a little more submissive in the face of a Needy Alpha , but then the Needy Alpha wakes up one morning to see his Independent girlfriend has left him, and with no explanation, and he can’t get her back no matter what he tries.

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