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Nincs is más teendőjük, minthogy különleges, furcsa helyzeteket kreáljanak egymásnak, amelyekből egyenesen vezet az út a szerelemhez.Igen ám, de a bezárt raktárszobák és elakadt liftek csak nem hozzák meg a várt eredményt.If you're having trouble believing it, look more closely at some of his other stuff and you'll see he's been battling his weight since about 2000. He is very chubby in the Eminem video 'Stan', though he's lost a lot of it again for 'Slackers'.

(His early bios say he's 6' tall and weighs 135lb - I'd say he's closer to 200 now.) He wears loose shirts and huge trousers to try and hide it, but it's no good.If the other person was in the car, the couple got a second date paid for by the show.If the person's ex-partners were in the car, the ex-partners themselves won a prize.The film tells the story of four friends who believe that the key to winning over their true loves is to place themselves in extreme situations.They plot a fake kidnapping, but the plan goes awry whe...

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