Erik and bedard and dating

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I can't wait to see all the great people Noah interviews and all the great things Noah will share with us through this podcast. I am 24 and it's awesome to hear advice from someone my age.I've already shared on Facebook and Linked in, and can't wait to share every podcast that comes out. Shared on Twitter and in said in my review.... is vital for the future of business and entrepreneurship. At the end of the episode you gave us a challenge - spend 10min a day working on something new.The beginning of the Jason Fried episode was a bit abrupt. As a creative musician artist creating meditation and hustle music in the personal and professional development arena, I love to hear from interesting and entertaining entrepreneurs because it is inspiring to see professionals having fun and building wealth in creative ways! I'm excited for you and I'm glad you decided to start down this path. - Adam Cohen Love what you're doing here...really enjoy your casual interview style. So much more effective than my usual graphics-first approach. I have always enjoyed your style of newslettery so it stood to reason that a podcast would be a great platform for you.Also, I think I missed the deadline, but I wanted to make sure I had listened to a few before reviewing. I have rated your podcast on i Tunes, and promoted this to my Linked In and Twitter accounts, and look forward to winning some SWAG!! Loving it so far, so thanks for doing what you're doing. His interviews on other podcasts have been among my faves.I promoted it on the chalkboard in an SF bar last night, no way to track those conversions though. Love the "Journey of Creating a Physical Product" live ongoing case study episode.

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Thank you for all the info you put out there, I love the business model that you've made throughout the years because its a add value first, ask later model. I first was introduced to you via the Tim Ferriss show podcast and have since frequented your blog on Ok Dork and also use Sumo Me for my blog! Noah kagan Rocks, ive gone out there and posted on facebook, on my facebook page, and even emailed my co-workers! Thanks for always bringing insane value to the table! What's missing is never the "actionable information" it's the action part.

Come for the banjo, stay the refreshing new business info Can't lie, I’m a recovering business podcast junkie. But after hearing the same “gurus” spewing out the same worn out stories and tips on every podcast I was over it. Happy that you're taking a dive into this medium in 2017. I'm a UX designer with the goal this year to learn front end dev and programming.

But after hearing Noah, was launching a podcast I knew it would be different. I've shared it across my social profiles, my company slack, about 5 other slack groups that i'm part of, my VC's internal network, hacker news and Reddit 🙂 This movement that you're helping promote ... After hearing this, I signed up for Tree House and am working my way through the courses. Noah is that source of upbeat can-do-anything attitude that is healthy for any entrepreneur, but also for anyone like me, who has come from a background where people hate on innovation and creativity, it helps to have that champion for your passion. Loved the book review episode, as well as Darren's episode. 😉 I'd personally have a lot to gain from the small lifestyle business episodes, strategy teardowns, advice for super early stage sales, etc.

I love to read so Ep 3 with your Schwarzanager (I can't spell it either) book review gave me a new way to approach summarizing a book. So great that I posted the $hi outta your podcast on T and FB. Great Podcast Noah, it's refreshing to hear straight discussions with your guest.

Specifically, drilling into the specifics on Episode 2 of what worked, what didn't and how to go deeper with goals.

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