Double your dating customer

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After allowing herself to obsess over the penis pictures for about thirty minutes, she finally put her laptop away and continued with her day.

The young man's face had a smirk on it and he was looking right into the camera from above. She always passed them by as she sensed they stared at her body. These not-so-innocent pictures stirred her up more than anything else she could remember.

The name tag could be seen on the edge of the screen. Being a red head, she was used to men cat-calling her and black men were among the worst. She found the pictures of the black penis to be mesmerizing. " She was all but drooling on herself as she looked at the penis pictures.

She took a deep breath and ignored the strong instinct to delete the photos and never again have to deal with them, she instead saved them to her photos and continued shopping. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get the image of the black penis out of her head. They looked tiny and pathetic when she realized she was comparing them to the mental image of that big black thing. She continued shopping as if on auto pilot, but couldn't shake the images: eggplant? Even leaving the produce section, she saw it in every bottle of ketchup or shampoo. She grabbed her laptop, removed her jeans, and transferred the pictures of the black penis onto her computer. She ran her fingers across the screen hoping to somehow feel the black skin from her computer. She was becoming wet, and rubbed herself just a few times before she came.

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Warning: This is a fantasy story that contains interracial sex, a cheating wife, and a big penis.

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