Diem and ct 2016 dating

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"Normally you don't have to spend this much time with your ex, so you can put them in a shoebox underneath your bed.

But with these shows, you're forced to constantly re-open that shoebox, take everything out and examine it. In fact, he hooks up with another girl in the first episode!

The first base was reminiscent of the old game suck and blow, where two people have to keep a card suspended between them using only their mouths.

This meant CT and Diem would be in kissing proximity for the first time in years. [via] Second base tested the grip strength of the pairs.

featured the requisite hookups and suggestive competitions, but the real story is the rekindling of the relationship between CT and Diem.

Could next week be the episode when Diem and CT have to leave the show?

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The women had to spin a small wooden bat, while the men turned two large softballs.

This was easily one of the most suggestive competitions in the history of the show.

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