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This is part of the DFG-project “Open Encyclopedia System”, which is carried out together with the Center for Digital Systems, the Center for Modern Greece and the Bavarian State Library.The emphasis of the functional expansion is to develop the encyclopedia from a uni-directional publishing environment to an interactive work and publishing environment.By writing this to you, my friend, I'm putting you in charge of changing the system.I'll first offer a list of symptoms that reflect the sad state Uo C – or, more specifically, the Faculty of Finance – is in and I'll give my best at figuring out how to fix them.That might have nothing to do with the problems students face ten years later, when the skills should be applied. Demand students to study during the semester by giving us homework.Promote understanding by making us write essays about the big picture.1914-1918-online features innovative navigation and search functions based on semantic wiki technology and will eventually contain more than 1,000 articles.

As such, exercise sessions have no value beyond providing you with the right solutions.If your friend has a scanner, you have zero reason to attend.I have taken ten courses here, each worth six ECTS.The grading was based solely on exams, with two exceptions: the seminar preparing you for thesis work, and a course, we were given a assignment worth up to five percent of the grade.No cases, no presentations, no essays, no assignments, no learning diaries, no learning groups, no pondering, no critique, no independent thinking or feedback whatsoever.

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