Describing myself for a dating site

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Guy 2: I am a man who is out to meet new people and make friends.I am an easy going person with a lot of smile and charm.Every online dating site provides you with a text box in which to introduce yourself.This space is where your potential matches will first hear your voice and sense your personality beyond the photo.I’ve had some amazing opportunities that have helped me be very successful and I’m excited for the possibilities of the future.

I am very smart, confident, happy with my life, and always up for an adventure.

They don’t have your resume, they can’t see your athletic prowess, taste your expertly grilled barbecue, or hear you tell funny stories in an animated voice.

If your profile sounds boring or negative, they won’t be able to imagine you as anything else.

Five years ago I was laid off from my job as an IT professional.

At the time I had always wanted to pursue a career in photography, so I seized on this opportunity to have a new career. As a single person who has lived in this city for a short time, I love the opportunity to meet cool people from many walks of life.

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