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The idea here is to express gratitude for the efforts behind the great articles that grace Awate all the time, especially the more recent ones starting with the beautiful Dawit Mesfin and ending with my favorite Amanuel Hidrat.Raji’s reportage of Asmara and Ismail Al-Mukhtar’s depiction of the good old days as well as Gadi’s frustration at the new bad days offered the context for everything in between.

If you are a Christian or Muslim who claims that you are a 100% certain God does exist, you are an infidel and you are going to hell no matter what your guru may be telling you.The underlying presumption and link with Dawit is that ‘progressive’ is someone who has managed self-liberation and transformed into the fifth dimension of objectivity – ‘wed Awinet’.‘Regressive’ are those ‘deqi mama’ stuck within a narrow circle of ‘nigdet’ politics socializing.I think I said or read this before: the only reason we believe in God is because we are not 100% sure that He exists.You cannot believe on something that you know to be true.

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