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It was always just expected, and you were very successful, but you never felt like you got to follow your own path. There was so many complaints, by female staff member about me, the funny thing is, I don't even work with them, because I wouldn't pay any attention to the women staff. Especially, you can never tell anyone, that your girlfriend is a stripper.

Its because that is your only option, or the ones-only interested in being with you.

My friends thought that I was crazy years ago; now they realize that they can no longer get back those years of their lives.

I simply listened to that voice inside (call it intuition, grace, whatever you will) that had prompted me through the serious shit storms as well as those fantastic heights in the past.

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Four years ago I had to make a tough decision regarding jobs.

It seems shallow in a way, but now my focus is on trying to simplify my life, and just making sure to get lots of pussy. Like most men, there have been many forks, but 10 years ago I apparently had everything according to my friends.

I was in great shape, dating a few beautiful women, status from my past experiences, a senior corporate job that was challenging (they let me fly on occasion as well) with insane compensation, a brilliant future…a dream life. I had always lived my dreams and while doing this I was fortunate to have no major issues along the way; I had what I needed, there was struggle and fulfillment as I lived my purpose; I had the best of friends, women here and there, and I was happy.

I imagine that it became a point of pride to ask the DJ to throw on a Cobra’s song when it was your turn on stage, much easier to play out being Rachel Nagy than Vince Neil for the dancers. I caught the Detroit Cobras at a sold-out club show in Newport Kentucky, 2003, and they were fun as hell, supporting their second album . You see, Detroit Cobras is a band with a heavy dynamic, mostly between the two female members, guitarist Mary Ramirez and singer Rachel Nagy. More than one person informed me that they got banned from the venue for shooting smack onstage. I had never seen Tacocat before, but had read an interview the singer had done with The Stranger talking about the dangers of getting mouth herpes off of club microphones.

My friends and I danced our asses off, and had deep discussions in the cab home about what it means to be a performer. They also, with one exception, only play ’60s soul and R&B covers. This seems to be a legend, because all I can find is that their tour got cancelled before the date even arrived. I don’t know if she was joking or not, but I now always bring my own mic to every show.

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