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A variation on a TPM particularly useful for such requirements is to explicitly include the basis of estimate (BOE) methods of arriving at the CBE value each period.Typical BOE Methods are allocation, estimation, modeling and measurement.mass of a system can be broken down into the mass for each subsystem.TPMs for such requirements are a rollup of the contributing components.Unfortunately there are no standard definitions for these parameters. Included in the chart is the specification value, shown as a horizontal line, a target value selected by the project team and plotted as a point at the planned end of the development cycle, a margin depletion line, upper and lower control limits as well as the plotted values of CBE plus a contingency.Selecting the target value, slope of the margin depletion line and the control limits is based on the judgment of the project team.Rather than report every metric in such cases develop a summary metric that reports the number or percent of metrics within control limits and having satisfactory trends.

One alternative method of tracking and reporting metrics is using spreadsheet matrices rather than charts.It is good practice, as defined by IEEE task 11, to begin the selection of tracking metrics and setting up tracking procedures during the requirements analysis task even though the design work is not yet dealing with physical design. Only TPMs are discussed but the process can be used for other metrics as well.Some systems have a very large number of TPMs and KPPs.This approach works well if those reviewing the metrics trust the project team’s process.It is recommended to track and report both margin and contingency with the current best estimate (CBE).

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