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People say that they can feel him watching them work when they work down in "the dungeon".Many people have seen him out of the corner of their eye, but as soon as you turn your head to look at him he's gone again.He's also scared a few people enough to never want to go down there alone or again but he has never harmed anyone.He's become a part of everyday life with all of the people who work in the sub-basement.

The public beef that started in 2007 seemingly expired when Ma was incarcerated on multiple charges in 2008.Nobody knows who she is or why she walks the halls late at night.Many students have claimed to seen this ghostly specter all year round endlessly walking the halls.Both rappers denied that they had dated, though the lore became more intense when a video of a woman claiming to be Remy Ma's ex-girlfriend surfaced and she strongly resembled Minaj.Remy Ma was in prison for six years while Minaj's career took off.

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