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These facial reproductions draw on the science behind the morphology (shape) of the face as well as a knowledge of materials.Reconstructions start with a SKULL (or mold) and includes laboriously using "shaped" clay to fill-in for Muscles and tissue (including skin) on the skull until it is complete.While they were in error on other things, some even correctly identified the Albino homeland as Central Asia.Please note this example: The North American Review (NAR) was the first literary magazine in the United States.We the lied-to and oppressed, often comfort ourselves by believing that things are getting better, and perhaps in some ways that is so.

In their new history: they (the Albinos) became the native peoples of Europe, and in a totally mindless example of intellectual Greed, they also declared that they were also the creators of mans original civilizations - including Egypt. In April of 2013, National Geographic published a study which "Admits" that Africans were the Original settlers of Europe.

The exhibits below attest to the fact that this knowledge was known over a hundred years ago. That is of course "Pure" lie: In the last century, cases of Rickets (often caused by lack of Vitamin D) was epidemic in Europe and North America. Other groups were pressing ahead with new lies to buttress European claims of being Black Africans who turned White because of Vitamin D deficiency.

So either your Teachers and Professors are indeed liars, or they were very poorly educated. So much so, that they had to start adding Vitamin D in the manufacture of their Milk, Cereals, Cheeses, and such. But these new claims have a twist, one would suppose to keep up with the times.

The fact is that YOU CAN NOT do a Forensic Facial Reconstruction by "DRAWING" it!

Making a facial reconstruction can "ONLY" be done by a doctor of physical and forensic anthropology with extensive training in anatomy (both medical and artistic).

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    And in far too many cases, adolescent girls learn to expect and to accept that some degree of physical and/or sexual abuse is normal -- that it's part of their young, passionate, romantic lives. Boys do have access to a glut of words and images that degrade and dehumanize girls and women, that encourage their physical and sexual abuse. Just keep them away from violent rap music, cable TV, the computer, the VCR, porn magazines...

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