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Let's talk about sex: Tech start-ups tackle the taboo The DNA sample does not undergo full genetic testing.Rather, the company focuses on two sets of genes: the serotonin transporter gene and the Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA).For the member, this part is as easy as opening a prepaid envelope, providing a saliva sample in the DNA kit and sending it back to Instant Chemistry.It’s a clinical way to start a budding romance, but no more so than relying on big data to set up a date. The first is the length of the serotonin transporter gene, which influences emotion.The San Diego-based dating start-up called Singld Out is using genetic profiling as part of its recipe for matchmaking. The company is betting that its biological approach to dating will help set them apart from other online dating services that limit their compatibility testing to lengthy questionnaires.And the company, which is targeting single business professionals, is getting ready to launch out of beta during the first quarter of next year in several major U. "There are an ample amount of dating sites out there, but none of them have delivered on their promise of delivering relationships that are fulfilling and that are lasting," said Jana Bayad, the company's co-founder and CEO.The second DNA test looks to determine physical attraction based on the human leukocyte antigen system, which regulates the immune system.SINGLDOUT points to a few pieces of research to make the argument that opposites attract here.

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"There is a niche for everybody, but there's no specific niche for business professional to give them what they want.In a rare twist for the dating website industry, which is dominated by male company founders, SINGLDOUT was started by CEO Jana Bayad and chief marketing officer Elle France, who hatched the idea based on their own dating experiences.“SINGLDOUT is the first online dating website that is going to bridge the gap between the biological and digital worlds of love,” says Bayad.The dating app Linked Up, which Bayad said she considered a competitor, is a free service that works a lot like the dating app Tinder.However, unlike Tinder, which uses Facebook's platform to bring in matches, Linked Up uses Linked In's source code to bring in matches for potential dates.

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