Dating remington cartridge boxes

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Dark blue label, black lettering, marked as follows; 20 cartridges Blank caliber .30 M1909 for rifles and automatic guns Ammunition Lot F. 147 Frankford Arsenal By the lot #, can they be identified as to age or when manufactured?

Is it safe to assume these are 30-06 cartridges (unopened)?

Hi all, newbie here and just getting started using the forum.

Not really a collector but do love to shoot and have done so since I was 7yrs old. I have a box of unopened BLANKS from the Frankford Arsenal.

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If there is a zip code, the box was made after 1963.(Value is relative term) Almost anything is collectable if you find someone who collects it and these are both popular calibers among collectors but you just have to find the right market. You can also try the forum page, but pictures will be nearly essential. You will have to join this forum site first to post. The full paper patch indicates early, perhaps turn of the century or so, but you give little to go on as to dateing. The .30 Army may be the most desireable of the 2 but neither will be very valuable in my opinion.

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