Dating rejection anger

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On the most recent season of "The Bachelorette," Kaitlyn Bristowe breaks up with one of her suitors, Joe, only to find him switch on a dime from being intensely lovey-dovey to scarily cold."I'm not saying sh*t to you right now," he says as they part ways.Do you know how ridiculous it looks to her as a woman to see you get upset for not wanting to go out with you? Let's say I made some cheeseburgers, and I saw you walking down the street. If you don't like cheeseburgers, you tell me “no thank you.” How rude and wrong of me would it be to force the cheeseburger on you or get upset at you for not wanting a cheeseburger?

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The most unmanly thing a man can do is harm or harass women, and those men who remain silent while women suffer these abuses are aiding and abetting participants. One of my favorite quotes goes something like this, "When we didn't have a heart, a woman's heartbeat was our own." I wish I remember who said that, but the point remains clear. We all have our quirks, but I'm not serial killer weird. ” The thought was always, “Yeah I can definitely see why she wouldn't go out with me.” I guess my self-esteem agreed with them.I guess you could say I've never been out on a date because every girl I've ever asked out has said no. In light of all the recent and perpetual struggles women have gone through at the hands of men, I think it would be a good idea to say something to the men everywhere: Women do not have to go out with you or ANYONE they don't want to.There are many guys who label themselves “good guys” and are anything but. Many have told me that the women themselves are to blame, but thinking back, I could never really blame them.When my friends and I friends use the term "good guy,” we basically mean “not a weirdo.”Now don't get me wrong; I'm weird. Even if I wanted to blame women, I never could because I was too busy blaming myself and my circumstances, always thinking, “if I was more this” or “had more that.” Now whether not that's constructive is for me and a future therapist to decide, but I refuse to think my rejection is the fault of all women. Whenever a woman turned me down, I was, of course disappointed, but I never said, “She should go out with me!

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