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INCLUDED WITH MOST PRE-OWNED VEHICLES, SEE DEALER FOR COMPLETE DETAILS THE LIMITED POWERTRAIN PROTECTION FOR YOUR ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR VEHICLE Drive Forever covers the engine and transmission on each of our eligible thoroughly-inspected vehicles forever.Does the American religious right hold a theopolitical outlook similar to that of ISIS?That appears to be one of the insinuations of a recent article published by the Italian Jesuit fortnightly publication The unexpected attack is causing perplexity and concern to many American Catholics who have fought hard in the trenches of the Culture War with other religious allies.

Thus, government in America has an unwritten consensus that establishes what many have called a “civil religion.” It consists of a set of working rules in which certain things against God are prohibited.

However, Civiltà’s history is that of a serious journal that merits attention.

Perhaps the principal defect of the article is its misreading of the American religious scene.

The religious left at the root of the consensus crisis is doubling down and looking farther left.

It seeks to revitalize tired and wasted notions of social justice.

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