Dating in a new city

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My ideal reason to date became ‘if you meet women you can communicate well with and have a good time being around, the possibilities are endless.’ But getting to this reason meant I didn’t just start dating reflexively once I got to a new city.

Add the inevitable traffic and ruthlessness of the city (every coastal city is “ruthless” compared to the Midwest I guess) to the mix and you have the following love story — After some work and reflection, I found myself in that happy median between lust and romance.Without a solid friend base, even if you meet a significant other and don’t stink of desperation, chances are that you’ll end up being too in need of that person, or worse, the person will see you don’t have much else going on beyond them and it will scare them away.Or at least make them think less of your potential as a mate.I’ll take a long-term acquaintance over a short-term fling any day.2.Don’t Date as a Reflex I was 21 years old when I filled up my Honda Civic with everything I owned and drove 22 hours from Des Moines, Iowa to Los Angeles, California.

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