Dating for males without body hair

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But, men didn’t lose all of it, and a lot of men are pretty hairy, and we get hairier as we get older.

Forty years, ago chest hair was the rage in men, but in 2017, things are a little different.

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Look at the men on television, in the movies, and in ads.However, if you want to shave the back, you may need help. The prices aren’t too high, but it’s worth the investment. You should be doing this once every couple of weeks: Philips Norelco Body Groom 3100 Series (Electric) Bakblade (Wet razor) If you have the pain tolerance, I’d recommend you get your chest and back waxed a few times in the beginning. This will make shaving much easier and less time consuming later. If you’re in great shape, you definitely need to shave. Shaving chest hair really helps with a sleek, toned look.Finally, having a thick hairy chest, especially to the point where people aren’t sure if you’re fully evolved from apes, is just gross.

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