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Here’s James to show you how to build a whoopee cushion using a Raspberry Pi, paper plates, tin foil and a sponge: Explore the world of Raspberry Pi physical computing with our free Future Learn courses: Free make your own Whoopi Cushion resource: For more information on Raspberry Pi and the charitable work of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, including Code Club and Coder Dojo, visit resources are free to use in schools, clubs, at home and at events.

You’ve plundered our projects, you’ve successfully rigged every chair in the house to make rude noises, and now you want to dive deeper into digital making. While you’re digesting your Christmas dinner, take a moment to skim through the Raspberry Pi blog for inspiration.

Access to affordable, open and customisable conservation technologies in the animal tracking world is often limited.

I’ve been a conservation technologist for the past ten years, co-founding Naturebytes and working at ZSL London Zoo, and this was a problem that continued to frustrate me.

You’ll also find bucketloads of ideas in The Mag Pi magazine, the official monthly Raspberry Pi publication, available in both print and digital format. If you subscribe, you’ll get a Raspberry Pi Zero W to add to your new collection.Our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google accounts are brimming with chatter, projects, and events.And our forums are a great place to visit if you have questions about your Raspberry Pi or if you need some help.Footage from the new Arribada PS-C (pit-stop camera) video tag recently trialled on the island of Principe in unison with the Principe Trust.Engineered by Institute IRNAS ( for the Arribada Initiative (

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