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A closed-minded boss at one of my first jobs called me "gross" to other staffers for "dyking out." I lost a lot of my straight friends who were too uncomfortable to try to understand me.We'd get dirty looks at the mall, the gym, Disney World, pretty much everywhere that wasn't clearly designated as gay-friendly whenever showing a smidge of PDA.Diamond encouraged me to help others understand that my orientation is more layered than my marriage reveals.So I started conversations with important people in my life.It takes two main forms: "I never liked women," and/or, "I was dating [or engaged or married to] women because I didn't realize I was gay [or I was hiding the fact that I'm gay, or I was trying to change]." For us bi guys, those two options don't work quite as well, because we have been and are genuinely attracted to women, and we are also genuinely attracted to men (and quite a lot of us are genuinely attracted to people who transcend gender altogether).

That's just crap that men who are insecure about their own masculinity make up because someone told them they weren't "real" men, so they try to do it to everyone else. If feeling masculine is important to you, know that being bi doesn't change the man you are.

Keep browsing and you'll see our vintage-inspired NYC wedding, our candlelit engagement, even a snap from the day we first met in person after months of Ok Cupid courtship.

But way down near the start of my Timeline, you'll find me partying with my ex-fiancée's football team after she (yes, she) kicked the winning field goal. We loved having parties at our apartment in suburban New Jersey, going out for half-priced apps at Applebee's, and having overly dramatic fights in public.

I told my parents that even though I plan to live happily ever after with Artie, my bisexuality will always be a part of me.

(For the record, they are now very supportive and told me if anyone has a problem with it, "screw them.") I told Artie that I'm so proud of being his wife, but I'm also proud of all the steps in my life that led me to him.

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