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Secondly, bring your friends of the opposite sex home to meet your parents and do not rush into anything without first talking to them about this new relationship.Parents will often see character traits, whether they are good or bad, in your friends that you will fail to see.Oddly enough, sometimes the least likely person for us is the person we believe we want to spend the rest of our life with! This happens because we are letting our emotions direct the relationship.We arent really looking into the future, but only living for the feelings we have today in our heart.All we know is that to meet someone we have to go out on a date with them.But going out on a date does not actually prepare us for marriage because anyone can be anything they want and they can say anything to make you like them.

The dating attitude only cares about what he or she can receive from the other. Once the feelings of desire wane, they move on into a new sexual relationship.

Young people think that the minute they reach the age of 18 they must hurry up and move out. This is a whole other article, which we will write in a different newsletter.

Fathers should be the protector of their daughter until she has a husband who can then take over that role.

Eloping or getting married without a parents blessing or consent is rude and disrespectful.

Society has turned family life into something ungodly.

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