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In France, early armoires were heavily decorated, featuring gilding, intricate painting and architectural elements like columns.The armoires designed by cabinetmaker Andre-Charles Boulle for Louis XVI in the late 17th century were celebrated as some of the Western world’s grandest pieces of furniture.Description Although considered a relic of the by-gone era before built-in closets were a given, vintage armoires and wardrobes remain the fastest way to chic in our book.

dating antique beds-51

dating antique beds-51

The name is believed to come from the Latin word “armorium,” which referred to a chest for storing arms.Can you pull out drawers or open doors without bumping into other furniture?Keep in mind ceilings, wall fixtures, windows and door openings.Make sure your vintage armoire can support the weight of a TV and fit its dimensions.With additional space for a stereo, speakers, music, movies and books, the armoire becomes a stylish and organized media console for the living room.

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