Dating a man with 2 baby mamas

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When Ciara and Future broke off their engagement, she dropped a record telling him, “I bet you start loving me soon as I start loving someone else/ Somebody better than you.” She is then seen living a perfect fairy tale with Russell Wilson and her son.This is a symptom of emotional behavior and is often the downfall of many moms when it comes to their relationships with their child’s father. Sparks were going off between Sarah (his wife) and Hagar (baby mama). Baby mama drama began with the start of civilization—think Abraham from the Bible. This is one of the reader submissions that we received and opted to publish. Submit your commentary, TV show recap, poem, 500-word book excerpt or essay HERE. Social Media has been on fire with the entire world discussing the picture of Ciara’s 1-year-old son hugging her new beau Russell Wilson.

She is also the Founder of the non-profit Hustle Mommies for Moms on the hustle!

Sometimes your role will be the back seat and sometimes it should be front and center.

You deserve to be respected as the new woman in his life and she needs to be respected as the mother of his children.

Even if that is your fantasy, it isn’t going to happen—nor should it.

Abraham couldn’t deal with the drama and finally shipped Hagar off with their child—never to be seen again.

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