Dating a high schooler while in college updating compressed archives

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A DMMP is prepared by you together with your healthcare provider.

It should outline your treatment regimen for the school to implement and carry out.

Again, wear medical identification so your needs are clear if you cannot communicate them well.

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If your school has never had a student with T1D, consider providing them with additional resources so they can better educate themselves, such as the Teacher’s Guide to Type 1 Diabetes.

For example, many students with T1D can receive special permission to have their diabetes supplies with them in the testing area and are allotted extra or longer break time in order to treat their diabetes.

It’s a good idea to contact the testing agencies several months in advance of the test, because the process of obtaining permission for special accommodations can take a long time.

He or she can and should request accommodations to better help navigate more rigorous schooling.

The details below are written to empower the student so he or she might take the lead, but feel free to follow along and jump in to support them as needed.

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