Consolidating loans with department of education

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When the Americans arrived, "slight changes in the structure of local government was effected".The name survived the 1986 EDSA Revolution, though older people would still use the term barrio.This position was inherited from the first datus, and came to be known as such during the Spanish regime.The Spanish Monarch ruled each barangay through the Cabeza, who also collected taxes (called tribute) from the residents for the Spanish Crown.

The Kapitan is aided by the Sangguniang Barangay (Barangay Council) whose members, called Barangay Kagawad ("Councilors"), are also elected.

Thus, there are eight (8) members of the Legislative Council in a barangay.

The council if in session for a new solution or a resolution of a bill votes, and if the counsels and the SK are at tie decision, the Captain uses his/her vote.

The Municipal Council was abolished upon transfer of powers to the barangay system.

Marcos used to call the barangay part of Philippine participatory democracy, and most of his writings involving the New Society praised the role of baranganic democracy in nation-building.

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