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Each one of them was awarded five points – the equivalent of half a day’s work – or 13 fen (a fen being a hundredth of a yuan) that they could use to buy food or other goods. Hour of glory The authorities then decided to build a museum on the site of the mausoleum. He received 5,000 yuan in compensation for his 167 square metres of land.

He moved to a new village, called Qinyong (meaning “Qin warriors”), six kilometres from the museum.

Even if there is a lot of injustice in society, there’s no point in getting angry about it.”And as he pointed out, the discovery of the “eighth wonder of the world” may not have made him rich, but it still makes him proud.

An exhibition about the Qin emperor’s mausoleum and the terracotta army is being held in Bern’s history museum from March 15 to November 17 2013.

Philosophical When he stopped working at the museum, Yang found himself with practically no income.So it evidently wasn’t a kiln, they thought, but a temple.Then they realised that it was a complete body, apart from one leg that had been cut off, and the missing head.The wrote that “peasants don’t know anything about science.It’s impossible that they should have discovered anything,” said Yang.“That’s life.

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