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As for unintended pregnancies, 13% of the all respondents, men and women, affirmed that they or their partners had at some point decided to get an abortion, and 11% of the women interviewed had actually experienced an abortion.

It is practically highly likely that those were clandestine abortions, as abortion in Colombia was legalized just two years ago and only in three cases — rape or incest, fetus’ malformation without ability to live out of uterus, and risks to the mother’s life.

In fact, 67% of the interviewed expressed they have a good or very good sexual life, and 64% agreed with the statement that the more older you are the more enjoyable sex could be.

Your exotic hair, accent and questionable dance moves will attract a great deal of (sometimes unwanted) attention, whether you're out or just on a bus.

The culture of dancing and passion means that, while often Colombians themselves are jealous, they're often happy to behave in exactly the same manner they'll complain about.

Then again, that's true of everywhere in the world.

In addition, we can conclude that most of them do not consider sexual education of others is their responsibility, given that 30% of respondents do not speak with their children about sex at all, and 43% just a little.

Last but not at least, another social contradiction is revealed with the question: "Do you consider homosexuality unnatural? Such high percentage is surprising in Colombia, where in the last 12 months three legal rulings have opened the way to recognize the patrimonial and social security rights of the homosexual couples comparably to heterosexual couples.

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