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Eventually as many as 1,500 signed on to see the desperate act - with some urging him to hurry up, apparently believing it a hoax.

The boy's video footage only ended when police broke into his home near Miami.

It was the first time in Sweden that a person was convicted of rape for offenses that took place over the internet.

Under Swedish law, rape doesn’t have to include intercourse, but can be an act considered equally violating.

Samstrom threatened to post photos of the 26 girls and one boy on pornography sites or to kill their relatives unless they performed sex acts as he watched from Sweden, prosecutors said.

The court said that while Samstrom never met his victims in person, he was guilty of rape, sexual coercion and other charges.

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The court noted he also drank “large amounts of alcohol.” The Swedish case came to light when Samstrom was being investigated for another alleged sex crime and police found videos at his home of girls speaking English.Biggs's friends have posted 'RIP' messages on his My Space page, with some still asking him to pick up his phone, and others changing their statuses to 'devastated'.The teen described himself as a 'good hearted guy' on his social networking profile.This content was flagged by our community, reviewed, and removed.' There have been growing concerns that internet forums encourage suicide.Last year, a British man hanged himself, witnessed by about 100 internet chatroom users.

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