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Hear more of Jenn’s great advice by listening to this episode.

Many women have trouble finding the balance in how they should be in a dating relationship.

Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female plus updates on Jenn’s love life… #Fairy Dust TV Video Transcript: How Many Dates Before a Relationship? In fact, Do you always know when you are dating a scrub? Find out what the dating rules are for the new dating landscape.They separated, then divorced, and Jenn once again felt like she’d never find a guy who liked her as much as she liked him.To make things worse, it didn’t seem that men were paying her any attention.But Jenn pointed out that attention means approval – so a guys’ attention, no matter how inappropriate, means he’s attracted to your beauty as a woman, and that’s an incredible thing.When it comes to discouraging the wrong kind of attention, Jenn turned it around by saying that if attention amounts to approval, then you, the empowered woman in the situation, need to be careful what YOU pay attention to.

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