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I have never seen any other aggregation of singer and band that’s like this.” Guitarist Nils Lofgren, a member of the E Street Band since 1984, as well as being an acclaimed solo artist in his own right, agrees.“In Bruce, you’ve got a guy with hundreds of great songs, which is the core of any rock ’n’ roll show, [who is also] an incredible singer and performer,” he says.

Earlier in his career, the skinny, junk-food eating star would become so exhausted that trainer, Phil Dunphy, once claimed “they used to have to carry him offstage”.So you’d better pay attention or you’re going to miss the bus.When we leave the stage at night, we don’t leave anything up there; we are giving you everything we have.” Concerts are so unpredictable that Lofgren keeps 30 guitars by the side of the stage, including banjos, lap steel and pedal steel guitars so he’s ready for any contingency.“There is a simplicity to the lighting, and the only pyrotechnics come from his physical performance and from the music itself,” says Roy Bittan, the band’s piano player for the past 39 years.“The goal is to make it feel like a one-on-one experience.

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