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WE ARE IN THE LAST QUARTER OF THE YEAR 2002 AND I NEED A RELIABLE FOREIGN PARTNER THAT WILL ASSIST ME TO TRANSFER THE 15M FUND INTO HIS BANK ACCOUNT.I HAVE MANAGERIAL AUTHORITY TO TRANSFER THIS FUND INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT BY ELECTRONIC WIRE TRANSFER.IN RECENT YEARS THE ANNAUL REVENUE OF OUR BANK HAS EXCEEDED TO US0,000,000.00 (TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) AND MY RESPONSIBITY IS FOR ME TO MAINTAIN ADEQUATE MONETARY INTERNAL CONTROL, CONTROLLING THE BANK CASH POSITION, BUDGETTING AND FOR THE PREPARATION OF ACCOUNTING RECORDS AND FINANCIAL STATEMENT.THE NUMBER OF CAPITAL SHARES WHICH HAS BEEN ISSUED FOR THE YEAR 2002 IS UNDER MY JURISDICTION IS US,000,000.00 AND THE OUTSTANDING SHARE THAT IS PRESENTLY UNDER MY CONTROL AND SUPERVISION IS US,000,000.00 ( FIFTEEN MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS).THIS IS TOP BANK SECRET THAT YOU MUST KNOW THAT AS MY TRUSTED FOREIGN PARTNER. I will also refer to my wife Agnus as Elle Mac Pherson. I have five suggestions if you don't have anything in mind: If you like one of those names, let me know ASAP. I'm sorry, you probably don't want to hear about my "family issues", but I can't help it. Elle Mac Pherson gets lonely and says I'm "neglectful". You see, I love my wife, but I have to keep it real, you know...straight thuggin'. I have another problem that I need your expert advice on. He's threatening to take this to the FBI, CIA, Humane Society and the NCAA if we don't make him a partner. Don't ask me why, you're just going to have to do it.LET TRUST AND HONESTY BE OUR WATCH WORD THROUGHOUT THIS PENDING MUTUAL BENEFICIARY TRANSACTION THAT WILL BENEFIT BOTH PARTIES. I will never forget how special you made me feel when I read your email and you wrote, (and I quote): "I LOVE YOU". I tell her (in my best DMX voice): "Shut up bitch and go make me a sandwich! I looked up ticket cost on for a round-trip flight from Nigeria to Portland, OR and it's not going to be that bad.

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You see, her weight has ballooned from 145 to 190 in the past two years and she really wants to join that Jenny Craig program.KINDLY SEND ME YOUR PRIVATE TEL, FAX NUMBER AND MOBILE NUMBER SO THAT I CAN CALL YOU FOR FURTHER DISCUSSION. I can't tell you how excited I was to find 2 emails from you in my computer this morning. I was thinking, if this is such secret information, shouldn't we talk in secret code? Around here, a guy usually gets his ass kicked for saying that to another guy, but I know you really meant it. If we decide to go with option 2, I will have Elle Mac Phearson pick you up and take you to the drop-off point.I know I'm supposed to keep this secret, but I couldn't help but to tell Agnus (my wife) about your email. That was the same day we bought these matching Ruff Ryders medallions. Agnus and I always pretend that I'm DMX and she is EVE. Elle Mac Pherson already loves you too and is cleaning out a spot in the basement for you to stay when you can get out of here. ) I am going to go try to open up a bank account in November, but I may need some help. I would pick you up but I feel that Elle Mac Phearson blends into a crowd better. THIS CATEGORIES INCLUDES CASH, INVESTMENTS IN MARKETABLE SECURITIES, RECEIVABLE, INVENTORIES AND PREPAID EXPENSES. THE FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF OUR BANK IS OVER US0,000,000.00 (ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) AND THE CURRENT ASSETS OF OUR BANK IS RELATIVELY LIQUID RESOURCES.

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