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As I finished nibbling on Cassie’s right nipple I could see she was feeling really good.

She was gently rocking her hips up and down ever so slightly to meet the thrusts of an imaginary lover.

I moved my mouth down her body planting wet kisses on her tummy and using the vibrator to lead my way to her pussy.

When I reached her sweet, moist vagina I stopped to torment her erect little clitoris with my tongue and the tip of the vibrator.

This time I want him to take me doggie style like a little bitch in heat.” She then spread her knees a bit, arched her back and reached between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. This was something wonderful that he’d smelled before, the scent of a human female’s aroused and wet vagina.

She was so wet her pussy was making a lewd squishing sound as she masturbated.“Ohhh… Cassie called out to him, “Come here, Jack” she cried as she wiggled her bottom trying to entice him.

” I said with a fiendish smile then returned to lash at her clit with my tongue so more. This Animal sex story was exclusively written for loved teasing her and getting her hot. Cassie raised her head and looked at me with lust filled eyes. He has a nice firm, hot cock and he won’t tease me with it.

I pulled the vibrator way from her clit and continued to lick, suck and nibble her with my tongue. It’s such a sexual power rush seeing her lose all her inhibitions and beg to be fucked. Panting between clenched teeth she pleaded, “I need a big, hot cock in me, fucking my pussy. No more cold, hard vibrator.” Cassie whined, “Please, sweetheart! I’m so horny I’ll fuck your cock, Jack’s cock, or any other hard throbbing, hot cock… He’s fucked me before and now knows how to use that beautiful tool to make me feel good.

Cassie bit her lower lip and gently rocked her waist from side-to-side as Jack started to lick her pussy in earnest.

Animal Sex Stories-Cassie’s New Desires, Wife second time with her new lover The slim silver vibrator hummed and buzzed as I circled the areola on Cassie’s left breast.

Moving in a slow circle spiraling in from the outer edge I worked my way to the center to tease her hard little nipple with the vibrating tip.

With each lick he kept trying to snake his tongue deeper and deeper inside her as if he was licking ice cream from a dish. She wiggled her butt at Jack trying to tempt him to mount her. Take me for your bitch again, lover…”I reached over and lifted Jack by his front legs and helped position him on Cassie’s back.

Cassie was panting hard and struggling to catch her breath. Jack immediately clamped his paws firmly around Cassie’s waist and began thrusting his hairy sheath at her.

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