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Use our online benefits calculator to see if you are entitled to benefits.The VOA is an executive agency of HM Revenue & Customs.The amount of benefit you receive depends on your rent, Council Tax, income and whether you have other people living in your house, and when your claim is made.Find out more information on Local Housing Allowance or read the current Local Housing Allowance rates.These people are called 'non-dependants' and a set amount may be taken out of your benefit each week for each non-dependant who lives in your home.

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You can send the information in later, but we cannot work out your benefit until we receive it.If you are not sure how much income you have, please declare it when you make your claim.Failure to do so could result in an overpayment of benefit and further action could be considered.It provides valuations for local authorities in England, for use in the assessment of claims for Housing Benefit where the tenant is renting from a private landlord. The Local Housing Allowance rate will be decided by the following: The rate of Local Housing Allowance set in the month you claim will apply to your claim for 12 months unless there is a change in the number of people living with you or you move house.Current Local Housing Allowance rates The Housing Benefit scheme is based on regulations set by the government.

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