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Tom and Daniel come across some livejournals while looking up fan pages. Written a very long time ago (2002 or thereabouts).

Please do not read this if the age of the participants makes you uncomfortable. In their seventh year at Hogwarts, Draco and Harry create characters for themselves inside the work of fanfiction, and write a FICTIONAL work.

) As you get excited for what's to come, why not go back to where it all began?

He was a bad guy, a few years older than me, and had a skateboard and that did it for me." Wearing a fitted purple leather dress, with cutaway detail, Emma revealed that Tom was aware of her affections, saying "he totally knew but said he only saw me in a sisterly way and that broke my heart." Having recently said that it has been liberating to move on from her Harry Potter alias Hermione, Emma spoke openly about her experience of having made the films.(And he did just that in the nutty faking-the-moon-landing romp "Moonwalkers.") For the record, he has tried to expand his repertoire. He’s the sadist you can’t wait to see get stomped by monkeys in “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” He’s an arrogant snot in “Belle.” He’s a Roman jerk in the Biblical film “Risen” (pictured, on the right).His grimy incarnation of punk rocker Cheetah Chrome was one of the best things in the terrible “CBGB.” And we hope the TV version of Guy Ritchie’s “Snatch” gets picked up for a second season, if only so he can keep playing another, very different trusty sidekick. Tom Felton Tom Felton ranks last on this list, but don’t look at it that way; see him as sixth best. He looks to be pretty kind in the forthcoming war dog picture “Megan Leavey,” playing a veteran handler.While he was still playing The Boy Who Lived, Radcliffe went starkers on the London and New York stages for “Equus,” and later sang his heart out in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” on Broadway.Since he was relieved from “Potter” duty, he’s done a few big films: “Woman in Black,” “Victor Frankenstein,” “Now You See Me 2.” But he’s largely pursued his own eccentric interests.

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