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Music by: Nancy Kerr (x2) - The Roving Crows - Reg Meuross - Hadrian’s Union - Auld Hats New Heids - Devils Water - Georgia Lewis - Solasta - Daniel Nestlerode - Mondegreen - Merry Hell - Christine Weir - Shake The Chains.

Insanely Mental Instrumental: The 5-8 Set Story Behind My Song: Wandering Winnie presented by Stew Simpson A ton of great new sounds from the Folkosphere to share with you, plus there’s nudity... with a cuckoo, and there’s an Insanely Mental Instrumental that will drive Homer Simpson crazy, and there are a trio of new songs inspired by classics.

Take a spin back down the years to catch up with artists featured in June podcasts past.

We hear new music from old favourites, plus brand new music from new friends with the latest releases. Music by: Skippinish - Nick Burbridge & Tim Cotterell - Thursday’s Band - Six Sick Sheep - The Changing Room - Fairport Convention - The Ancient Bretons - Chris Manasseh - Kadia - Akervinda - The Ballina Whalers - The Black Guards - Colin Onderdonk - Elephant Sessions - Magic Hour - Merry Hell.

Insanely Mental Instrumental: Sunburn, Man-Flu And The Shits Beware! Music by: Apple Of My Eye - Two’s Company - Amy Duncan - The Trials Of Cato - Kaela Rowan - Kadia - The Broken String Band - Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith - The Hut People - Feast Of Fiddles - The Carrivick Sisters - Daria Kulesh - Andrew Gordon - Dipper Malkin Story Behind My Song: Griogal Chridhe Insanely Mental Instrumental: The Whitby Drip We're back, baby!

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All that, and Stories Behind two Songs recorded just for us by the people who wrote them.Music by: Dan Walsh & Alistair Anderson - Dusty Cut - Jupiter Owls - Alan Reid & Rob van Sante - Findlay Napier - Ashton Lane - Blue Rose Code - Lucy Kitchen - Kirsty Merryn - Jim Page - Hot Tamale - Lane Norberg - Christine Weir - The Stoned Cherries - Skinner And T’Witch.Story Behind My Song: The Dear Green Place, presented by Alan Reid Young Goths In The Necropolis, presented by Findlay Napier Landlord, presented by Jim Page Music by: Bob Hillary & The Massive Mellow - Marek Dusil Blend - Banter - Magpie Lane - Richard Thompson - Peter Knight’s Gigspanner - Trouble At Mill - Pilgrim’s Way - Skullthuggery - Ken Nicol - Blackthorn Band - James Parkin - Hope In High Water - Red Shoes - The Foxglove Trio Story Behind My Song: Treachery At The Blue Anchor, presented by Graham Dixon Lullabye, presented by James Parkin Insanely Mental Instrumental: The First Straw Help yourself to another collection of tangy and tasty choice pickings from the musical buffet that we call 'folk'.Music by: Offa Rex (x2) - Steeleye Span - Richad Sutton - Nigel Brown - Thomas John - John Shepherd - Ben Robertson - Bob Dylan - Ian Bland - Pons Aelius - Bella Gaffney - Ashley Hutchings Morris On Band - Trad Arrr - Hadrian's Union - Eddie Berman - Lostboy Insanely Mental Instrumental: Oh My Doughnuts Stories Behind The Songs: The Maid Of Llanwellyn presented by Andrew Weighill-Richards, and Body To Body presented by Stew Simpson We run away with the gypsies, we ask “who da man?”, we have slip jigs, reels and Slip Jigs And Reels.

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