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We serve in remote villages of developing countries as teachers, doctors, paramedics and nurses.

We are re-establishing the core of Islam through our service and knowledge.

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Isis has issued a general call for women to begin fighting, deeming it necessary and obligatory for female citizens to engage in jihad.

Not only that, but a large number of them are highly educated.

While many countries are still struggling against customs such as child marriage, honour killing and female infanticide, such horrific customs are basically unheard of among Ahmadi Muslim communities.

When an Isis female fighter brings a bad name to Islam by killing innocent people, we pick up our pens and inform the world about the true teachings of Islam. We contribute to the building of mosques, open to people of all faiths and of no faith, with our hard-earned money and jewellery donations.

We are present in 210 countries of the world and pursue global sisterhood.

Local and regional administration is modelled after the national administration.

Under the true Khilafat we, as “the maidservants of Allah”, are busy defending the honour of the Holy Prophet of Islam through our pens.

While doing all this, we have not neglected our families: the job we love the most is to be the mothers of our beautiful kids.

The prophet Mohammed rightly noted that heaven is under the feet of mothers.

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