Adult fantasy chat family

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They can no longer depend on the adults around them and must learn to stand on their own two feet.

Often, adults are written out of the picture or take a back seat, in order to allow the teens to work things out for themselves.

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Often these learning sessions are used as a way to introduce the reader to the unfamiliar world and the magic system.First love is a theme often explored in YA Fantasy, combined with learning to deal with brand-new romantic or physical feelings and the development of relationships.The younger end of this genre will probably focus on emotional feelings and be ‘clean’ in terms of romantic content, but older teen fantasy can sometimes include steamier scenes.Can't remember too much about the plot of the characters but there were 4 main gods/deities and each one controlled a corner of the island. Thanks to the revolutionary gravity wings technology, mankind was finally able to leave the confines of the Earth’s solar system and seek out earth type planets capable of supporting human life.Can't really find much googling with that info only, hoping someone might recall the book with more details. Professor Peter Blackwood, a former soldier, planetary explorer and teacher is a citizen of a powerful interstellar Confederation.

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