Adult dating without credit card or card information

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If you want to Print the PDF contents please make a note of the following instructions advised by Loretta M Yeo who sussed it out.

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ "The PDF file can be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper if you use the right print settings.

Visit website for colouring info (important), & for viewing or downloading the cards individually. Samvado Gunnar Kossatz Samvados site is an Overview of the deck with detailed meanings plus downloads for the full Tarot deck.

The images have been repainted in watercolours and have a soft dreamy appearance which (for me) encourages a calm serene contemplative approach. The individual cards plus divinatory text can viewed/downloaded at the website. Cards are large-size for sending to your printer and creating physical decks . Melanie Bacon As you might guess, this is a Tarot with images of Hollywood film stars, past & present. 'landscape') Download each card individually from the website if you would like to create a Hollywood Tarot deck for yourself.Downloads sizes (in pixels): website for individual viewing plus information of how they came into the possession of the website owner. Format: jpgs Visit the website to view/download the Individual cards and accompanying text. The 78 cards are both full colour & black white photos. Licence: Author permissions/comments; "Make your own Hollywood cards.The original (physical) cards were coloured but the ones for download are in very attractive tones of black/white/grey direct from The Marseilles Deck 1896 (Source: Sacred Texts website) These are Greyscale prints of the 22 Marseilles Trump cards from the Tarot of the Bohemians. For fun but NOT for profit, for your own personal home use, don't even think about making any money on these because neither you nor I own the rights to any of these people's names or faces." Mark Elroy. You can download the 22 trumps, more than enough cards to get you started -- for free!The actual original deck dating from around 1470 CE has not yet been discovered.Variously described as a 'humanistic deck' or a 'cosomological deck' and even an 'astrological deck', it has five sets of ten cards.

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