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Additionally, the school provides i Pads for all faculty, as well as for students in grades 7-10.The mobile initiative aims to foster an understanding of how digital learning tools can enhance secondary student information literacy experiences.” The Scottsdale Public Library in Arizona’s “Gimme Engine” mobile website “helps customers find a great book to read based on a library staffer’s recommendation and review.For this last point, we asked about a range of potential offerings, including online “ask a librarian”-type research service, mobile library apps, library kiosks in the community, and pre-loaded e-readers available for checkout.A breakdown of these ideas’ overall popularity is included below; more information is included in the report, and tables with demographic breakdowns for each item can be found in the appendix. Williamsport-area historical tornado activity is near Indiana state average. Nearest cities: Attica, IN (1.5 miles ), West Lebanon, IN (2.3 miles ), Newtown, IN (3.1 miles) , Mellott, IN (3.4 miles ), Covington, IN (3.4 miles ), Pine Village, IN (3.4 miles ), Veedersburg, IN (3.5 miles ), West Point, IN (3.7 miles ). Williamsport-area historical earthquake activity is near Indiana state average. Jones, Alexei Krindatch, Richie Stanley and Richard H. In 2012, the American Library Association recognized the library for offering cutting-edge technologies in library services.” The Cuyahoga County Public Library of Parma, Ohio “created CCPL Mobile, an exciting new mobile app that enhances the library patron experience by giving patrons access to the unprecedented convenience of checking out items using their smart phones.

To that end, we’ve collected examples of many of the types of services mentioned in the report, as well as some “fun and funky” services that we’ve seen pop up at libraries across the county.

The machines hold up to 400 books which can be browsed from a touch screen.

The book dispensaries at available 24/7 and operate like ATM machines with a swipe of a library card to dispense books.

Religion Census: Religious Congregations & Membership Study. Congregations and Membership in the United States 2000.

Released: January 29, 2013 By Kathryn Zickuhr Our new report takes a close look not only at how Americans are using public libraries, but also what sort of services and programming they think libraries should offer — and what they say they would use in the future.

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