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Histamine has been proposed in the pathogenesis of viral cold symptoms.

Newer, non-sedating antihistamines have few adverse effects.

However, preliminary randomised clinical trials indicate that it is beneficial to reduce the sedation level.

A Cochrane review was withdrawn in 2009 due to lack of update but is still visible in archive online (1) Given the prevalence of the common cold and the large number of patient encounters seeking relief, there is a relative scarcity of research.The majority of the surgical patients were hospitalised acute.Mortality during the stay in ICU was 12.7% and 30-day mortality 21.2% [].No trials with loratadine or cetirizine were identified, although fexofenadine is thought to have an identical mechanism of action and terfenadine is a prodrug of fexofenadine.No studies confirmed the diagnosis virologically, but this is consistent with the clinical scenario where the gold standard diagnosis in not indicated.

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