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Interestingly enough, despite being a a male prostitute, Sewally was not charged with sodomy.

Could it be that Haslem denied the type of relations he had with Sewally?

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After the encounter, Haslem realized on his way home that his wallet with dollars missing, replaced by an empty one with a bank receipt.Peter Sewally, by defending his cross-dressing in court by explaining how his female identity was encouraged by his fellow black prostitutes and accepted in the African-American community, reveals a supportive side to a stigmatized community that was previously unknown to the white public.In turn, despite the lithographs of Sewally parodizing him by portraying him as an image of excessive feminine respectability, Sewally’s image in the American racial imagination has radically changed from a position of sensationalism and shame to a figure of black and queer pride, being displayed in both fine art and as tattoos, such as Lezley Saar’s painting “The Con Art of Peter Sewally.” Further reading: Tavia Nyong’o presents: The Man Monster on A detailed history of Peter Sewally’s story see: Peter Sewally – Mary Jones, June 11, 1836 by Jonathan Ned Katz Tavia Nyong’o.In a rare historical account from a queer sex worker of color, Sewally explained in court records: I have been in the practice of waiting upon Girls of ill fame and made up their Beds and received the Company at the door and received the money for Rooms &c and they induced me to dress in Women’s Clothes, saying I looked so much better in them and I have always attended parties among the people of my own Colour dressed in this way — and in New Orleans I always dressed in this way — During the sensationalism of the trial, lithographer and yellow paper printer H. Robinson, known for his tabloid-esque illustrations (earlier that year he had printed a lithograph illustrating a news story about a murdered prostitute by showing her topless in bed), came up with a lithograph for Peter Sewally: the image he titled “The Man-Monster.” Most tellingly, the image is a tastefully done illustration of someone who appears to be a black gentlewoman; it is only the caption below that would reveal the image to be provocative as a cross-dressing man.After the trial, Sweally was sentenced to five years in state prison.

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