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In a press release dated January, 11, 2017, GOB is refusing to pay million in three arbitration awards to the Ashcroft Alliance, reasoning that the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has ruled against them.

The release stated that GOB wont pay for those arbitration awards, which were derived from the accommodation agreement given to Belize Social Development Limited (BSDL) and a Settlement Deed given to BCB Holdings Limited by the Peoples United Party (PUP) during their administration. All three awards, which the United Democratic Party (UDP) administration on behalf of the people of Belize has tried to resist, are born of PUP cronyism, corruption and betrayal. S courts have upheld these awards that are the legacy of their unconstitutional and unbridled hustling and self-enrichment, stated the release.

With the additional feedback from this consultation, SPTC is seeking to contain the problem before it spirals out of control and becomes unfixable.Choc stated that as long as the program exists, they will continue assisting in any way possible.The officers were accompanied by their Officer in Command, Superintendent Henry Jemmott and other senior officers.We would like to get a garbage truck to collect the household garbage.We would like to do this, we would like to do that but there is no money SO?

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